Product architecture

We can leverage our experience in wide array of power topologies viz. Flyback converters, Forward converters, Resonant converters, Inverters, Bidirectional DC-DC converter for renewable energy application, Inverters, Unity Power Factor converters etc. to make best architecture for the given product specification. Also our immense experience in Digital Control can throw-up multiple options.

Design, development & Engineering services

"Our Focus is to develop Reliable, Cost effective & customized products.Our products demonstrate our design, development & Engineering capability. We follow best design practices such as FMEA WCA etc. Our Design objectives are Precision, repeatability & Service friendiness

Training Programs

Our training program will help upskill design professional with the new trends in the technology and it will enable fresh graduates to quickly scale up to the best industrial practices . The training is focused on Fundamentals, self-learning approach for design & development of power conversion products. The training will be offered by our professionals with more than 20 years of experience in product architecture, design, development and training.

Topics covered: Toplogies, converters/inverters, IGBT/MOSFET based design, Unity Power Factor converters, Magnetics design, EMI, Control system design, Digital control implementation, Embedded control, RS485/CAN communication.
We can offer customized training as per client’s requirement
If you wish to apply, mail us to

Training to senior executives is offered on Saturdays
  • a) to keep in touch with fundamentals
  • b) to enhance design skill
  • c) to equip for career change

Remote Monitoring